‘We have really ambitious plans’: Robotics research gears up at UTM

Photo courtesy: Animesh Garg

Photo courtesy: Animesh Garg

The University of Toronto Mississauga is forging a robotics research and teaching cluster that – as part of U of T’s new university-wide Robotics Institute initiative – will help “take robotics to the next level.”

That’s how Jessica Burgner-Kahrs describes what’s in store for robotics innovation at U of T Mississauga in the years ahead.

“We’re building a research program and creating a whole academic program from scratch.”

The “we” to which Burgner-Kahrs refers includes her two colleagues, both assistant professors: Florian Shkurti, who joined U of T Mississauga last December after earning his PhD at McGill University, and Animesh Garg, who arrives this summer from Stanford University via a job in the robotics industry.

The three faculty members are simply the start of the cluster: U of T Mississauga plans to add between two and four additional faculty to the group.

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