2023 Robotics Institute 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Friday, November 3, 2023 | 3 p.m. | MY580

3-Minute Thesis Competition

In three minutes or less, present your robotics thesis or research paper to a panel of diverse judges. Register by October 27 2023 to compete!


3MT Awards Presentation

1st Place Winner will go on to represent the Robotics Institute at the 2024 U of T 3MT.


Congratulations to our 2023 3MT Winners!

First place: Daniil Lisus (centre) / Second place: Mustafa Haiderbhai (centre right) / Third place: Chloe Pogue (centre left)


About 3MT

It took you months to write your research paper.
Now you've got three minutes.

The Robotics Institute Three Minute Thesis Competition is a fun and informal chance to distill your research and hone your presentations skills for a general audience. You'll develop the skills needed to present complex research information in an engaging, accessible, and compelling way.

Eligibililty & Registration

The Robotics Institute 3MT Competition is open to all graduate (Masters and PhD) students and Post Docs who are supervised by University of Toronto Robotics Institute faculty.

You may present your thesis or recent research.

Limited competition spots are available. If the sign-up spreadsheet is full, please add your name to the waiting list!


Three awards will be presented: 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. The 1st Prize Winner will be eligible to enter directly into the U of T 3MT.

3MT Presenters

PresenterTalk title
Daniil LisusRain or Shine: Autonomous Driving in All Weather Conditions
Daniel GuoLet it Go: Learning Autonomous Navigation through Joyrides
Erik FredinSmall tools, big leaps for neurosurgery
Chengnan ShentuSensing the shape of continuum robots from a single camera
Mustafa HaiderbhaiTeaching Robots To Do Surgery!
Hannah SmegalAgeless Innovation: Wearable Robotics for Mobility and Independence
Chloe PogueImproving Continuum Robot Stiffness Through Robot Joining
Paul KangFinding the Best Path for Epilepsy Surgery
Daniel SiebenMagnetic Capsules: Interacting with your Insides
Nirmal PolOptical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging: Unleashing Robots with Microscopic X-Ray Vision



Myrtede Alfred

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, U of T Engineering


Adriano Vissa

Executive Director, Partnerships

U of T Engineering


Rachel Wallace

Associate Director, Strategy & Business Development

Lassonde Institute, U of T Engineering

It took you months to write your research paper.
Now you've got just 3 minutes.

Are you ready to compete?