Graduate Emphasis in Robotics

Get your Graduate Emphasis in Robotics

Important changes are coming to robotics at UofT. Learn how our graduate education programming is adapting to this fast changing field.

New Emphasis Updates

Starting January 2020, several important changes to the Graduate Emphasis in Robotics came into effect.


New Name

The new "Emphasis in Robotics" replaces the old "Emphasis in Robotics and Mechatronics" in order to better represent the broad range of robotics activities that take place across UofT.


New Courses

The list of eligible courses has been expanded to reflect the many new graduate course offerings developed by the eight new robotics faculty who have been hired across the university in recent years.


New Requirements

The emphasis requirements have been updated to reflect the newly added courses, and to make it easier for graduate students from our various partner Institutes and Departments to qualify.


New Online Form

A new online Emphasis Completion Request form has been created to simplify how graduating students apply to have the Robotics Emphasis included on their transcripts.

How will these changes affect me?

Robotics is a highly interdisciplinary field. Graduate students from a variety of robotics sub-disciplines will now have access to educational programming that reflects the most current state of the art in advanced robotics.

These changes were designed to improve the robotics graduate student experience at UofT, bring our robotics community together, and ensure that our graduates are highly qualified for academic and industry jobs across the range of new application areas currently being transformed by robotics.

We strongly encourage all graduate students (MEng., MASc, PhD) of Robotics Institute faculty to pursue the Graduate Emphasis in Robotics.


Any student already pursuing a graduate degree (MEng, MASc, PhD) from one of our qualifying Departments or Institutes in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE) is eligible for the Graduate Emphasis in Robotics.

Qualifying Departments & Institutes

Not yet a student at UofT?

You must already be enrolled in a MASc or MEng or PhD program at one of our qualifying Departments or Institutes at UofT in order to be eligible for the Graduate Emphasis in Robotics.

If you are not yet a graduate student at UofT, check out the admissions pages of our partner departments!

Are you a Computer Science Student at UofT pursuing robotics?

The University of Toronto is actively building its computer science presence in robotics, and has recently launched a CS-focused robotics research cluster at the UTM campus.

CS students are welcome to enrol in any of the robotics courses offered within the Robotics Emphasis. Unfortunately CS students are not eligible to graduate with Emphasis in Robotics on their transcripts at this time. We are looking at ways to make the Emphasis certificate available to CS students in the future.

Course Requirements

To receive the Robotics Emphasis, eligible students must successfully complete four courses (2.0 full-course equivalents [FCEs]) chosen from at least two course groups, and no more than two in any given group. Note that not all courses will be offered each year. 

Pre-approved substitutions are listed below. Each student will only be allowed one substitution. 

Group 1: Planning and Control

Pre-approved Group 1 substitutions

Group 2: Perception and Learning 

Pre-approved Group 2 substitutions

Group 3: Modelling and Dynamics

Pre-approved Group 3 substitutions

Group 4: Systems Design and Integration

Pre-approved Group 4 substitutions

Not all courses will be offered each year.

Application Deadlines

Be sure to complete and submit the FASE Emphasis Completion Request Form prior to your convocation date.

Learn more about the steps to apply for the emphasis below.

October 1

For November Convocation

February 1

For March Convocation
(in absentia)

May 1

For June Convocation

Get the Emphasis


Successfully complete the required coursework

Ensure you have successfully completed the course requirements for the emphasis: four courses from at least two course groups. 


Submit your request before you graduate

Complete and submit the FASE Emphasis Completion Request Form prior to your convocation date. See deadlines above.


Graduate Studies office verifies your transcript

Wait while the Office of the Vice Dean Graduate Studies (Engineering) verifies your transcripts to ensure that you have completed the required courses and have received final marks.


Robotics Institute approves your request

Provided Office of the Vice Dean Graduate Studies (Engineering) has deemed that you have satisfied the emphasis requirements, the Robotics Institute will approve your request.


"Robotics Emphasis" is noted on your transcript!

The Office of the Vice Dean Graduate Studies (Engineering) will notate the Robotics emphasis on your transcript: “Completed - YEAR SEMESTER- Emphasis (Degree): Robotics”

Contact us for questions about the graduate emphasis.

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