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HeRo Course Alert: Intro to Healthcare Robotics, Winter 2022

As part of the HeRo/CREATE graduate training program from NSERC, next term Professor Yu Sun is coordinating Introduction to Healthcare Robotics (MIE1080). Part of the program for HeRo trainees, this unique course is open to all students at the university.

Raquel Urtasun awarded Everingham Prize at ICCV21

The Everingham prize is awarded to a researcher, or a team of researchers, who have made a selfless contribution of significant benefit to other members of the computer vision community. Raquel Urtasun and her and her colleagues Andreas Geiger, Philip Lenz, Christoph Stiller were awarded the prize thanks to their work on the KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite.

Binbin Ying and Xinyu Liu win Materials Horizons Outstanding Article Award

Congratulations to Binbin Ying and Prof. Xinyu Liu for receiving the Materials Horizons Outstanding Article 2020 award. Binbin was a visiting PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, where he helped to develop stretchy, skin-like sensors that could help lead to advances in wearables, personal healthcare and soft robotics. 
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