New course alert: Introduction to Healthcare Robotics (MIE 1080)

Professor Yu Sun will be coordinating a new course next term as part of the HeRo/CREATE graduate training program from NSERC. The course, Introduction to Healthcare Robotics, is part of the program for HeRo trainees, and is open to all students at the university. 

The NSERC CREATE in Healthcare Robotics (HeRo) is the first robotics-focused graduate training program to cover the entire continuum of care from hospital to home. HeRo advances the frontiers of research by tackling robotic challenges in surgery, assistance and rehabilitation — three domains where robots are having the biggest impact. Trainees will master an interdisciplinary skill set that intersects robotics, medicine, and artificial intelligence (AI), while building the soft skills needed to contribute effectively to industry.

The Introduction to Healthcare Robotics course provides students with knowledge on healthcare robotics including surgical, assistive, and rehabilitation robots, plus essential skills in ethics, design, IP and market considerations. 

Examples of topics to be covered include: medical imaging-guided surgery; minimally-invasive surgery through miniaturization, novel actuation and sensing; robotic surgery at tissue and cell levels; autonomous robotic systems to assist with daily living activities; multi-modal robot interfaces;  robotics-based rehabilitation technologies; upper limb rehabilitation robots; wearable exoskeletons and sensors; or implanted neural interfaces. 

The course will feature a series of guest lectures from experts in the field, including: Gabriella Chan, Joseph Ferenbok, Anjelica Lim, Thomas Looi, Sheila McIlraith, Goldie Nejat, Rajni Patel, Vitor Pereira, Russ Taylor, Rosalie Wang, José Zariffa, and more. 

Students, be sure to check out MIE 1080 to take part in healthcare robotics. Either auditing or enrolling in the course will be welcome.

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