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When Macro Meets Micro

PhD student Sven Lilge with a continuum robot The UofT Robotics Institute brings together professors who work in 14 different areas of robotics at UofT.  This is a story about […]

UofT Robotics Institute at ICRA 2022 Workshops

Once again, the University of Toronto Robotics Institute will have a strong presence at the 2022  International Conference of Robotics and Automation with workshops by Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Mishu Duduta, Angela Schoellig, and Goldie Nejat

It’s Ada Lovelace Day: Let’s celebrate UofT’s women in robotics

Congrats to Prof. Jessica Burgner-Kahrs who was named to Robohub's annual list "Women in robotics you need to know about". The annual list comes out every year in commemoration of Ada Lovelace Day, and in the past has featured UofT Professors Angela Schoellig, Raquel Urtasun, Sheila McIlraith, and Sanja Fidler.
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